Use your Smartphone as a voting device?
Bring-Your-Own-PAD allows meeting participants to use
their own Smartphones or Tablets.

 - Users simply download the REPLY® BYOPAD APP.
 - Click on the APP icon.
 - If any form of internet connectivity is available
   the virtual keypad appears   on the screen ready to go with
   no further configuration or log-in required.
 - The REPLY® BYOPAD APP will automatically join the
    right session through the use of an integrated GPS locator
 - If two or more sessions are in close proximity it will
   allow the user to choose which session to join.
 - Perfect platform to support multi-site events almost over night.
 - If the users smart phone is on another platform
   (e.g. Blackberry) they can still participate by accessing
    through a browser and log-in.
REPLY® BYOPAD (Bring your own Keypad) allows meeting participants to use their own smart phones or tablets as a voting device to facilitate feedback and interaction with the audience.

Due to the rapid rise of smart devices together with the introduction of the unique REPLY® BYOPAD, it is no longer necessary to ship hundreds or even thousands of keypads to meetings wherever they are.

Ask the participants to bring their own mobile devices (smart phones or tablets) and merely keep on hand a small number of supporting REPLY® keypads for those that do not have a compatible device

(e.g. 10 to 20% of the anticipated number of participants) or reject to use them because of what so ever reason.

The hybrid future is available now.